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What Are Americans Looking Forward to After Quarantine?

by Cassie Dorian | July 16 2020

It’s safe to say quarantine has changed everyone’s life, in some way or another. Whether that means students have travelled home from college campus to their parent’s home, or young adults quarantining together so they’re not alone, there’s something novel


This Is How To Be More Efficient in the Workplace

by Cassie Dorian | November 26 2019

  Although we have dozens of methods of getting in touch with people, there is still a lack of communication between professionals as far as prioritization goes. We’re all constantly being distracted by notifications of something new, and it interferes


Should You Own a Franchise?

by Melody Bryn | October 25 2019

Owning a business is an accomplishment a lot of people dream of, but few people actually achieve. From having an idea creative enough to stand out to owning the resources to actually starting a business, there are a lot of


Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Business

by Cassie Dorian | October 2 2019

Sometimes all you need in your professional life is a little change-up in routine to get your motivations and priorities back on track. Doing the same thing day in and day out can get exhausting, it’s natural to start to


Here’s How Many Calories Your Favorite Halloween Candy Has

by Jennifer Dillon | September 16 2019

Halloween is a wonderful holiday — it’s difficult to hate it. Even if you stay inside every year, you don’t trick-or-treat, and even if you don’t hand out candy, it’s a fun day of the year. Plus, it usually coincides…


The Most Underrated Leadership Positions

by Jennifer Dillon | September 14 2019

Some kids dream of becoming a CEO when they grow up — though they may not know that those letters stand for Chief Executive Officer. Why is this? Perhaps it’s the idea of central leadership, being the one person


Revitalizing Your Vehicle After Winter

by Melody Bryn | March 25 2019

Spring has finally sprung and that is really good news because this winter has been a tough one for many Americans. Blizzards, ice storms and temperatures so low throughout the north and midwest that planes in Chicago were grounded due


Job Satisfaction: Helping Gen Z Employers Find What Motivates Them

by Cassie Dorian | February 1 2019

Why company culture and workplaces that work are important in 2019 One of the key goals in many organizations – especially in the HR departments – is to make sure employees of the organization are satisfied with their jobs. Satisfied


It’s 2019 and the Gender Pay Gap Remains Prominent

by Cassie Dorian | January 31 2019

Women are still being paid less than their male counterparts. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law making it illegal to discriminate pay on the basis of sex, yet the enforcement of this law


Here’s How Much People Have Saved for Retirement in Each State

by Jennifer Dillon | January 30 2019

  Retirement is a big step in life and it should not be taken lightly. In addition to leaving work, there is one piece of retirement that needs to be given some extra consideration. Retirement savings can make a difference

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