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Turkey is the ISIS Revolving Door

by | February 10 2015

The ability for the US and other coalition forces involved in Operation Inherent Resolve to truly degrade and destroy ISIS has been limited by the ambivalence of the Turkish government. Turkey is key to victory against ISIS primarily based on…


House or Senate? Trends in Legislation Since 1973

by Ariel Robinson | November 19 2014

Who legislates more, the house or senate? Does legislation suffer if one party controls either the house or senate but not both? After reading Alex Ryde’s article “Does the ‘Big Win’ Matter?”  last week, I decided to take a closer…


Bahrain: Iran’s Next Target?

by | March 30 2015

While the Middle East continues to fall into turmoil, Iran is the one country in the region that is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its neighbors. As one Iranian member of parliament put it last September, Iran…


What are Michael Jordan’s Politics?

by Dan Glenn | November 11 2014

If you are in your thirties or forties and were not raised deep in the jungle far, far away from technology…then you not only know who Michael Jordan is, you’ve also probably been influenced by him. The man was an


Beyond the Student Loan Bubble and the True Cost of Tuition

by Jeanne Roberts | November 7 2014

The Student Loan Bubble is real. According to an article that appeared recently in, the cost of college tuition ranges widely, from a two-year degree at a community college for about $3,000 a year, to a four-year degree at…


Are The Common Core Standards Really That Bad?

by McCarly Belle | October 30 2014

Are the Common Core Standards really that bad? I believe not. The idea of having standards that are the same across the nation just makes common sense. I believe that no matter what state a student is educated, he/she should…


An Argument for Campaign Finance Reform

by Justin Burke | October 27 2014

With the election less than two weeks away it appears to be an appropriate time to discuss the issue of money in politics, and the outrageous amounts of money being spent on political campaigns. Campaign finance reform has been an…


Top 5 Worst Presidents of All-Time

by Mister X | September 2 2014

Being the commander in chief is not easy. Its a demanding, stressful job with the entire world looking to you to make the right choices. That being said, some of the men who donned the POTUS title could have been…


Impeachment: What does a president have to do?

by Jessica Biggs | July 30 2014

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Sarah Palin wrote an op-ed where she called for President Obama’s impeachment. Palin stated that the “unsecured border crisis” is the last straw “that makes the battered wife say ‘no mas’”. She is not the…


Medical Costs: Survival of the Richest?

by Cara N | August 16 2014

Did you see this recent headline? Once again, U.S. has most expensive, least effective health care system in survey 16June2014, Washington Post, The article asserts that while we pay significantly more (see the huge divide between us and second…

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