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Here we again #Bahrain !!!

by Sally Saar | July 27 2016

Ali Salman, the Al Wefaq spiritual leader, was jailed on Monday 30th May, 2016, for nine years on appeal. According to the BBC and other “respected” international media, Al Wefaq believe “the ruling is unacceptable and provocative and that…


Chinese Aggression in the South China Sea: U.S. Surrendering Global Trade to China

by Terence Rosenthal | July 27 2016

                 The Pentagon’s most overlooked military threat is Chinese militarized aggression in the South China Sea. Following the ISIS/Syria conflict, Chinese aggression in the South China Sea is the most significant global military threat. Currently the Chinese are constructing seven


POLL: Winner take all for President!

by Wonk Report Admin | April 11 2016

Wonk Report poll: Winner take all for President! Each candidate is on the ballet today. Who are you voting for? Click below! (function(d, s, id){ var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], r = Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / 1000000); if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js…


The Simpsons Donald Trump Presidency Prediction

by Dan Glenn | April 5 2016

In case you haven’t been a resident of Planet Earth for the last 30 years, we have this animated television show called “The Simpsons,” and it’s awesome. It’s so awesome, in fact, that the show often predicts the future. 16


Which Hogwarts House does each Candidate’s Supporters Belong to?

by Ender Stark | April 4 2016

This presidential primary process has been a spectacle of epic proportions to witness these past eight months. It really has been “must watch T.V.” Never in my life did I think that an infomercial guy, a Canadian, a professed socialist…


Why Is Donald Trump So Popular?

by Mister X | March 22 2016

Why is Donald Trump so popular with a large number of Republican voters? Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination, yet he started off as something of a joke. Everybody laughed at him throwing his…


What is a Superdelegate?

by Dan Glenn | March 21 2016

Fun Fact from the 2008 Democratic Primary. Hillary Clinton finished with more votes than Barack Obama but he had more delegates than her. Neither had a majority of the popular vote nor the delegates. It was the superdelegates who broke…


Injustice Merrick Garland On Gun Control

by Mister X | March 18 2016

By now we have all heard the news that President Obama has chosen Justice Scalia’s successor, Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. On the surface, and throughout the mainstream media, Judge Garland is labeled with the title and political…


The Bernie Sanders Communism Brand

by Mister X | March 16 2016

As this year’s rat-race gains in momentum, the self-proclaimed “Democratic-Socialist” Bernie Sanders surprisingly grows in popularity with the polls. Rally after rally and debate after debate, Sanders succeeds in legitimizing the idea of Socialism in the United States while doing…


The Donald Trump Dictatorship

by Mister X | March 15 2016

The United States of America has always been fairly consistent in its disdain for dictatorships. That’s one of the main reasons, probably THE main reason, that the revolutionaries declared independence and fought for their freedom. Americans believe in self-determination, democracy,…

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