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How COVID-19 has Changed the way People Seek Medical Attention

by dev | April 9 2021

2020 was a stressful year for people due to the concern of COVID-19. Whether it was from working to ordering food, many found a way to adapt from the comfort of their own homes. Even the way people sought medical


What’s Trending During the COVID19 Pandemic?

by Cassie Dorian | February 8 2021

The use of social media has exploded over the last decade with innovations and apps that keep people more connected now than ever before. Sometimes that’s a good thing – people are connected more closely all over the world thanks


Heads Up Business Grads! Here are the States with the Most MBA Holders

by Jennifer Dillon | February 9 2021

  A new study ranks Washington, D.C., New Hampshire and Massachusetts as the states with the most MBA graduates per 100,00 people. In the top locality, Washington, D.C., over 336 residents per 100,000 hold an MBA degree.  The rankings are


So the holidays are over… How can we look back at 2020?

by Melody Bryn | January 5 2021

  Nothing about the past year was easy or enjoyable. Even wonderful occasions were tainted with worry about our health and social distancing guidelines. While we all did our best to cope with the constantly changing world, the holidays fell


Here’s How to Break Down Work-Life Boundaries

by dev | December 9 2020

Did You Know Over 50% of Professionals Work More Than 40 Hours a Week? Did you know burnout is actually a health condition, rather than just a phrase?  Burnout is a health condition recognized by international medical bodies such as


Want to know which cities will be the leaders of the future? Think global!

by dev | November 12 2020

    For many Americans, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in American news and politics. We often find ourselves judging the past, present and future based on how American cities and citizens are affected. However, a


True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen Out For

by Jennifer Dillon | October 28 2020

  Whether you are a die-hard true crime fan or you want to feel extra spooky because Halloween is approaching, adding a few podcasts to the list is a must. Although podcasts are extremely common throughout today’s pop-culture, true-crime has


Who Drives You Crazy at Work?: A New Survey Reveals the Most Annoying Type of Coworkers

by Cassie Dorian | September 23 2020

For many people, slow returns to in-person work brings lots of excitement of getting back into office spaces that encourage their productivity, bring together their teams, and give them a break from their apartments. But, returning to offices also brings


The Wellness Gap

by Melody Bryn | August 5 2020

 A New Study Reveals A Disparity Between Mental Health Attitudes and Access Across States In national conversations surrounding mental health, two conversations tend to dominate: healthcare access and population attitudes towards healthcare. While, across the country, enormous progress has been


The Changing World of Women, Computing and Higher Education

by Jennifer Dillon | August 4 2020

The conversation around women in the tech world has exploded in the past few years. One topic that has garnered particular attention is women’s experience in computing and tech programs in higher education.   According to a new study from Grand

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