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Here’s How Many Calories Your Favorite Halloween Candy Has

by Jennifer Dillon | September 16 2019

halloween candy

Halloween is a wonderful holiday — it’s difficult to hate it. Even if you stay inside every year, you don’t trick-or-treat, and even if you don’t hand out candy, it’s a fun day of the year. Plus, it usually coincides with the change of the season, assuming you live in a climate that has seasons (sorry, California). Beyond the fun costumes and wild decorations, one of the best parts of the holiday is the candy. Even if you didn’t spend your Halloween going door-to-door with a plastic pumpkin (or a pillow case, if you aren’t looking to get fancy), there’s no reason not to enjoy the sweets of the season. Who can turn down a bat-shaped Reese’s?

With all that said, it’s good to know how this candy impacts your health. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you should totally sacrifice your health. Still, everything is OK in moderation, so just keep the nutrition of what you’re eating in mind and don’t go overboard. Read on to find out how many calories are in each piece of the most popular types of Halloween candy, ordered from least to most.

starburst candy

Starburst Fun Size Pack – 40 calories



sour patch kids candy

Sour Patch Kids Fun Size Pouch – 55 calories




Skittles Fun Size Pouch – 63 calories




M&M’s Fun Size Pouch – 73 calories



chocolate snickers

Snickers Fun Size Bar – 80 calories



chocolate reeses

Reese’s Cup – 110 calories



candy corn

Candy Corn (19 pieces) – 140 calories


These calorie counts may seem low, but remember that most of the time you’re not just going to eat one candy then be done, especially since these are generally small servings (i.e. “fun size”). Keep yourself in check as you try to “get rid of” your leftover Halloween candy — your body will thank you.


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