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About Us

About Us: Wonk Report is a non-partisan politics website. Wonk Report was created to give everyone a voice so they can share their thoughts on the events taking place throughout the world. We strongly believe that every voice is important, regardless of political ideology. The American Government is a system created by the people, for the people. Wonk Report was built in order to give the people a medium where they can share their views and engage in civil political debate.

How Wonk Report Works: Wonk Report is pretty simple. Users may share their voice or opinions through written articles as well as cartoons, memes, and the comments sections of other articles. Users must create an account to access these site features. Accounts may be customized to suit a user’s preferences. To submit an article or cartoon, click on one of our many “submit an article” buttons and you will be able to either write in our custom widget or you can copy and paste your article in the box and hit submit. You can imbed all the images and videos you like. You can also engage with other users by rating articles, taking part in polls, and engaging in discussions on important topics by commenting on articles. If you have ideas to make the site better please let us know!

Why We Created Wonk Report: We believe that Wonk Report is the medium our generation has been lacking; Wonk Report will truly be the first nonpartisan political website with 100% original user generated content. Each and every user can get their thoughts published by simply writing an article and submitting it for approval. Just because Wonk Report is nonpartisan does NOT mean that you have to be nonpartisan in your articles. We want you to be who you are, just be yourself, and let us be the medium to share your voice with the world!

Our Purpose: We strived to create a fun, entertaining and informative website that would allow everyone from far left to far right and everywhere in between on the political spectrum to engage in political debate. Whether you are a policy wonk and know the ins and outs of certain political policies or you are a passionate citizen with strong political beliefs…we want to hear from you! We know that politics can bring out the best and worst of people so show your passion and pride for your political beliefs. Just keep it clean and have a great time using the site!

Our Pledge: Wonk Report pledges to offer truly unique viewpoints on the world’s events. We can promise this because each and every person is unique and they are the ones driving our content…not some corporation with an agenda. We have grand visions for Wonk Report and if you help us reach those lofty expectations we promise to pay it forward.


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