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What’s Trending During the COVID19 Pandemic?

by Cassie Dorian | February 8 2021

The use of social media has exploded over the last decade with innovations and apps that keep people more connected now than ever before. Sometimes that’s a good thing – people are connected more closely all over the world thanks to social media. Apps like Facebook help people keep in touch with friends and family from the different stages of their lives. Instagram serves as inspiration for what seems to be virtual mood boards. Twitter keeps users in touch with what’s going on around them through hashtags. 

It goes without saying that the year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most memorable, difficult, and unprecedented times in human history. Granted, most of the 21st century could exist under that guise as well, but there were so many things that happened during the last year which make 2020 one of the most historical, memorable years of modern history. 

From the social justice movements to political issues and news, public health crises to viral entertainment moments, watching social media can help us get a sense of our collective experiences. COVID-19 and the associated events surrounding the spread of the global pandemic have left nobody unaffected, which is why the team behind Teneo turned to Twitter to get a sense of what the most impactful moments of 2020 were.

Social media has been a bit of a lifeline during this pandemic. What were the most trending topics each day of lockdown, and the days afterward? 

The Most Viral Moments of 2020 Through Hashtags

The most tweeted hashtag of 2020, overall, was #BlackLivesMatter. This organization works to fight for the freedom, liberation, and justice for Black communities in not only the United States, but also in the U.K. and Canada. The hashtag was used well over 8 million times in at least 8.2 million tweets on the Twitter platform, showing just how expansive not only the movement is but also how expansive the conversation surrounding social issues and racism is. 

The second most-tweeted hashtag happened to be about entertainment. The #Oscars and #Grammys were the second and third most popular tweets in 2020, being used 6.7 million times and 6.6 million times respectively. The first South Korean film was nominated for Best Picture and Best International Feature Film in 2020. Additionally, the #Grammys had several historical moments, including the discussion of the Recording Academy and their alleged misconduct. 

You can see the full list of the top hashtags during COVID19 and the top trending tweet each day of 2020 here.

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