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True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen Out For

by Jennifer Dillon | October 28 2020


Whether you are a die-hard true crime fan or you want to feel extra spooky because Halloween is approaching, adding a few podcasts to the list is a must. Although podcasts are extremely common throughout today’s pop-culture, true-crime has proven to be an especially popular genre among listeners. The good thing about it — there are so many different podcasts that can cater to your specific interests. 

Are you interested in unsolved mysteries? There is a podcast for that. Are you interested in serial killer cases? There is a podcast for that too. With 2020 being the year of pandemic and quarantine, people have been indulging in old and new interests, and true-crime podcasts have proven to be a cool, fun way to pass the time. 

Casefleet, a legal case software management company, put together an analysis of the most popular true-crime podcasts. This study includes everything from the number of featured unsolved cases, the number of episodes featuring a serial killer, to the most featured cases. This study includes My Favorite Murder, Criminal, Crime Junkie, and Sword & Scale. After analyzing a combined 608 episodes, between the four shows, Casefleet found that 31% of episodes featured an unsolved case. Furthermore, 20% of cases featured a serial killer, and only 18% of cases featured a female suspect. 

Even though all four podcasts feature pretty great content, some specialize in certain areas. For example, if you love mystery, over 50% of Crime Junkie’s episodes feature an unsolved mystery. If it’s a specific case you are interested in, such as the disappearance of Johnny Gosch, you can check this story out on all four platforms and hear it told and investigated in different ways, depending on the style of the show. 

When you have some free time on your hands, get lost in the world of true crime. Happy listening!

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