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Which Hogwarts House does each Candidate’s Supporters Belong to?

by | September 1 2019

This presidential primary process has been a spectacle of epic proportions to witness these past eight months. It really has been “must watch T.V.” Never in my life did I think that an infomercial guy, a Canadian, a professed socialist and a female version of Richard Nixon would be the…


Why Is Donald Trump So Popular?

by Mister X | March 22 2016

Why is Donald Trump so popular with a large number of Republican voters? Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination, yet he started off as something of a joke. Everybody laughed at him throwing his name in the hat at first, and even when he…


Powerball Lottery Gives False Hope

by Dan Glenn | January 15 2019

I had never purchased a lottery ticket in my life. As an adult with a college education who earned a part-time MBA while working a stressful job, I believe that success is several parts hard work with a touch of luck. Is it possible to toil all one’s life, working…


What are Ariana Grande’s Politics?

by Dan Glenn | July 8 2019

If you are like me you are in your thirties, you dig politics, you don’t live under a rock, and you had to ask yourself this week “Who the heck is Ariana Grande?”  For those of you who do live under a rock, much was made this week of the…


What is the Electoral College?

by Dan Glenn | July 30 2019

I was in high school during the 1996 Election. I remember being caught up in how great Bob Dole seemed. I totally bought into the storyline that he was a hero, a World War II veteran who had his arm shot up during the war. “What a leader!” I thought.…


What is a Congressional District?

by Dan Glenn | September 3 2015

When I first started becoming interested in politics, I used to hear the term “Congressional District” used by political junkies all the time. I figured it had something to do with the Congress and the territories each member of Congress represents, but I wasn’t for sure. If you have ever…


An Argument for Campaign Finance Reform

by Justin Burke | October 27 2014

With the election less than two weeks away it appears to be an appropriate time to discuss the issue of money in politics, and the outrageous amounts of money being spent on political campaigns. Campaign finance reform has been an issue that candidates are not willing to discuss or include…

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