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Which Hogwarts House does each Candidate’s Supporters Belong to?

by Ender Stark | April 4 2016

This presidential primary process has been a spectacle of epic proportions to witness these past eight months. It really has been “must watch T.V.” Never in my life did I think that an infomercial guy, a Canadian, a professed socialist and a female version of Richard Nixon would be the…


Why Is Donald Trump So Popular?

by Mister X | March 22 2016

Why is Donald Trump so popular with a large number of Republican voters? Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination, yet he started off as something of a joke. Everybody laughed at him throwing his name in the hat at first, and even when he…


The Bernie Sanders Communism Brand

by Mister X | March 16 2016

As this year’s rat-race gains in momentum, the self-proclaimed “Democratic-Socialist” Bernie Sanders surprisingly grows in popularity with the polls. Rally after rally and debate after debate, Sanders succeeds in legitimizing the idea of Socialism in the United States while doing all that he can to redefine Socialism in harmless terms…


The Donald Trump Dictatorship

by Mister X | March 15 2016

The United States of America has always been fairly consistent in its disdain for dictatorships. That’s one of the main reasons, probably THE main reason, that the revolutionaries declared independence and fought for their freedom. Americans believe in self-determination, democracy, and free elections to choose their own leaders. It’s sort…


Governor Nikki Haley: the anti-Palin for 2016

by Terence Rosenthal | January 19 2016

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has the potential to soften a Presidential ticket with either Trump or Cruz, making either candidate appear more digestible to those who want change, but are frightened of firebrand conservatism. Demonstrating her leadership after the shootings at Emanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston, Governor Nikki Haley…


Powerball Lottery Gives False Hope

by Dan Glenn | January 15 2016

I had never purchased a lottery ticket in my life. As an adult with a college education who earned a part-time MBA while working a stressful job, I believe that success is several parts hard work with a touch of luck. Is it possible to toil all one’s life, working…


The Curious Case of Ben Carson’s Views

by Justin Burke | October 8 2015

Of all the candidates in the Republican and Democratic primary races, Ben Carson’s views make me scratch my head the most. I expect Donald Trump to act in the same manner as a bully and Hillary Clinton to change her position based on the next focus group data points, or…


Wonk Report Exclusive! Faux Hillary Clinton’s Gmail Inbox Leaked!

by Wonk Report Admin | September 22 2015

The Justice Department has completed a thorough review of Hillary Clinton’s emails. While there is no direct evidence that she knew and covered up the Benghazi incident of 2012, they did find many other interesting things. An insider has LEAKED a snapshot of Hillary Clinton’s Gmail Inbox to Wonk Report.


Planned Parenthood Criticism: Much Ado About Nothing

by Frank Addessi | September 15 2015

Human Nature There has been no shortage of Planned Parenthood criticism in the days since several controversial videos surfaced. Humans are by nature trusting creatures. We instinctively trust our senses and we pathologically trust each other. Even the most cynical of individuals must fight the impulse to have faith in…


Put Your Money Where Your Vote Is

by Dan Glenn | July 22 2015

Cash money voting. Is there any more accurate poll than one where people bet a financial gain or loss on the outcome? When you think about it, We the People feel financial gains and losses as outcomes of voting. Some politicians are thrilled to get your vote and then tax…

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