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Looking Forward for Flying

by dev | 4 days ago

Looking at Considerations for the Air Travel Industry

Just a year ago, across the world, airports were nearly completely empty. Now, the skipping of suitcase wheels and chaos of TSA checks is starting to return, but ongoing concerns of global

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Are Fitness Trackers taking the Enjoyment out of Exercise?

by dev | 25 days ago

What’s tiny, fits around your wrist, and tells you to get off the couch? If you said a fitness tracker, you’re absolutely right! Known to send little notifications throughout the day to meet your goals, fitness trackers have become a

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American Working Mothers Receive Some of the Worst Maternity Leave Policy in the World

by dev | 3 months ago

Parents Looking at their Baby

A new study reports that the United States is one of only two countries that does not offer some kind of paid maternity leave to its citizens. 

According to the study from, the United States has protective policies that

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