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What Are The Best Subreddits for Writers?

by Melody Bryn | November 9 2018

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Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet,” and all that description is as true as it is nebulous. It’s an amalgam of articles, photos, blog posts, text posts, and more shared in a seemingly endless number of subreddits (Reddit’s term for communities on their site). It can come in handy for many reasons — looking for a good meme, trying to find advice, or even trying to develop yourself professionally. There are a few subreddits that are beneficial specifically for writers. Highlighted and described below are the best subreddits for writers.



Let’s start with the basics. r/Writing describes itself as, “The home for writers. We talk about important matters for writers, news affecting writers, and the finer aspects of the writing craft.” It’s a great place for you to ask questions to other writers (you’ll see that a lot on this sub), get encouragement, or even find resources related to writing that others share.


This subreddit is similar to the last one, but this one has more of a focus on critiquing others’ work. Head to r/Writers if you’re working on a specific piece and need help with it, are working on generally increasing your skill by getting feedback, or even want input on story structure and writing strategy.


As anyone who has written anything knows, writer’s block is a real thing. This subreddit is dedicated to fueling motivation to keep writing and honing one’s craft. Check out r/KeepWriting if you’re stuck at a particular part of your piece, or if you’re just looking for help getting or staying motivated to write.


Sometimes you have the motivation and want to write, or you’re really interested in working on improving your skills, but you don’t know what to write! This subreddit was created to solve that problem. People submit writing prompts for all participants to use as fuel for their story. This is a great place to jumpstart your creativity and get writing.


If you are a writer and that is your primary job, this is a great subreddit to be a part of. It’s for those who make a living off freelance jobs specifically related to writing. You can ask questions to other writers, get an idea of going rates for jobs, or just vent to others who are going through similar frustrations.


What makes you a better writer? Reading more. This subreddit is focused on discussion around books, and is a great place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on what to read next, or to see how others reacted to another author’s writing. There’s a specific book recommendation thread you can look at if you’re looking for one.


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