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So the holidays are over… How can we look back at 2020?

by Melody Bryn | January 5 2021

  Nothing about the past year was easy or enjoyable. Even wonderful occasions were tainted with worry about our health and social distancing guidelines. While we all did our best to cope with the constantly changing world, the holidays fell


Heads Up Business Grads! Here are the States with the Most MBA Holders

by Jennifer Dillon | February 9 2021

  A new study ranks Washington, D.C., New Hampshire and Massachusetts as the states with the most MBA graduates per 100,00 people. In the top locality, Washington, D.C., over 336 residents per 100,000 hold an MBA degree.  The rankings are


What’s Trending During the COVID19 Pandemic?

by Cassie Dorian | February 8 2021

The use of social media has exploded over the last decade with innovations and apps that keep people more connected now than ever before. Sometimes that’s a good thing – people are connected more closely all over the world thanks

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