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Powerball Lottery Gives False Hope

by Dan Glenn | January 15 2016

I had never purchased a lottery ticket in my life. As an adult with a college education who earned a part-time MBA while working a stressful job, I believe that success is several parts hard work with a touch of…


The Curious Case of Ben Carson’s Views

by Justin Burke | October 8 2015

Of all the candidates in the Republican and Democratic primary races, Ben Carson’s views make me scratch my head the most. I expect Donald Trump to act in the same manner as a bully and Hillary Clinton to change her…


Presidential Courage: A Necessary Virtue in 2016

by Terence Rosenthal | September 16 2015

Presidential courage will be required to deal with a host of domestic and of foreign issues over the next four years. Russian intervention in Ukraine and a return to Soviet style foreign policy, Chinese imperial aggression on the South China…


Caitlyn Jenner’s Politics Same as Bruce Jenner’s Politics?

by Ender Stark | September 16 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is dominating the headlines since revealing her striking change from Bruce Jenner – to the woman gracing the cover of Vanity Fair – Caitlyn Jenner. However, my question is are Caitlyn Jenner’s politics the same as Bruce Jenner’s…


Planned Parenthood Criticism: Much Ado About Nothing

by Frank Addessi | September 15 2015

Human Nature There has been no shortage of Planned Parenthood criticism in the days since several controversial videos surfaced. Humans are by nature trusting creatures. We instinctively trust our senses and we pathologically trust each other. Even the most cynical…


What is the Electoral College?

by Dan Glenn | September 14 2015

I was in high school during the 1996 Election. I remember being caught up in how great Bob Dole seemed. I totally bought into the storyline that he was a hero, a World War II veteran who had his arm…


2016 Presidential Power Rankings: Democrat Primaries

by Ender Stark | September 14 2015

Let me preface these Democrat Primaries 2016 Presidential Power Rankings by saying I am not Charlie Cook. My power rankings are not based on any science or historical trends; they are simply a fun exercise to gauge the lay of


The Diurna Police Report Part III: Behind the Body Camera

by the Diurna | September 10 2015

Behind the Body Camera is Part III of a IV Part series on the current state of policing in America. Read Parts I & II here.  At the ripe age of five, a young Chris Reed decided that he wanted…


Confederate Flag Must Go

by Al Mayo | September 10 2015

From the top, I’ll tell you this is written from my personal knowledge and love of American Civil War history. Any assertions of fact are true to the best of my knowledge. Bottom line: the confederate flag must go. I…


What are Ariana Grande’s Politics?

by Dan Glenn | September 8 2015

If you are like me you are in your thirties, you dig politics, you don’t live under a rock, and you had to ask yourself this week “Who the heck is Ariana Grande?”  For those of you who do live…

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