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Here we again #Bahrain !!!

by Sally Saar | July 27 2016
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Here we again #Bahrain !!!
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Ali Salman, the Al Wefaq spiritual leader, was jailed on Monday 30th May, 2016, for nine years on appeal. According to the BBC and other “respected” international media, Al Wefaq believe “the ruling is unacceptable and provocative and that it would worsen a political crisis”.

According to the BBC, the Reuter’s news agency reported “his lawyers appealed, saying the evidence presented by prosecutors included parts of speeches that had been taken out of context. Prosecutors responded with their own appeal, and asked the courts to reverse an earlier acquittal, on more serious charges of seeking to overthrow the political system by force.”

So here we have it, once again, the international media condones criminal terrorist activity in Bahrain.

The current media frenzy is laughable, considering that since 2011, witnesses have reported criminal activity by the Bahrain ‘opposition’, the “activists” themselves have shared their own videos of violent crimes against the state while armed terrorists groups have taken responsibility for homemade bombs and the murder of security personnel.

The media did not condemn the fifteenth security personnel, since 2011, who lost his life on Saturday, 16th April, after being trapped in a police jeep while two others were seriously injured when their vehicle came under attack by incendiary devices and homemade petrol bombs by “peaceful” protestors.

International media also deliberately failed to report the attempted murder of another police officer on Sunday 22nd May, 2016: terrorist group Saraya Al Mukhtar claimed responsibility for ambushing and shooting Ali Khamis AbdulRasool in Sitra. He was shot five times, in the head, chest and legs after a group of officers were ambushed. Ali Khamis who incidentally is Shi’a, is believed to be in stable condition.

During Ali Salman’s trial, the packed courtroom contained Al Wefaq officials, foreign diplomats, human rights activists and Ali Salman’s relatives.

Court documents included:

  • Ali Salman as an active member of terror group February 14 Coalition helped implement their strategy.
  • The charges included Salman’s explicit call to violate the provisions of the law regarding demonstrations while calling naturalized citizens mercenaries and justified acts of violence and sabotage, provoking regime change and calling for jihad as a form of religious duty.
  • During his visits abroad, Salman met groups that expressed their readiness to support the so-called Bahrain movement to supply weaponry.  During public speeches, Salman threatened to use military force and requested foreign powers to intervene in Bahrain’s affairs to support him to change the constitutional regime.
  • Ali Salman was questioned in the presence of his defence attorney and confronted recorded content of his public speeches.

In 2011, after two days of violence in the UK, Prime Minister James Cameron said “picture by picture, these criminals are being identified and arrested and we will not allow any phony concerns about human rights get in the way of the publication of these pictures and the arrests of these individuals”. He went on to say, “this continued violence is simply not acceptable and it will be stopped. We will not put up with this in our country. We will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets”.

In March 2016, when Geert Wilders, the far-right politician went on trial for allegedly inciting hatred against the Dutch Moroccan minority, the lead prosecutor Wouter Bos said,“freedom of expression is not absolute, it is paired with obligations and responsibilities”.

Sally Saar


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Here we again #Bahrain !!!
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